Communion Dresses: Finding the Perfect Fit in Plus/Half Sizes

Maria Sharafi

Posted on February 28 2022

Communion Dresses:  Finding the Perfect Fit in Plus/Half Sizes

Communion season is in full swing and it’s time to shop for a communion dress for your little girl’s big day.  You may be looking forward to it or dreading it.  Let Sara’s help with some important tips. 

Perhaps the two most important things to consider when purchasing your daughter's communion dress is style and fit.  

When it comes to the style of your daughter’s dress, before you even get to the details of the dress she would like, it is best to ask your church if there are any guidelines for acceptable attire, which can vary from parish to parish.  Things that may vary include color of the dress (some churches require a pure white dress); length of dress; or sleeves vs. sleeveless (if sleeves are required, a shawl, shrug, or jacket can be purchased).

Once you know what the accepted attire is, the search for the perfect dress can begin.  This can be fun, and should be, but for some it can be overwhelming.  Especially if your daughter needs special fitting.  So, what is a plus or half size?

Finding the perfect dress for a girl who is fuller in size doesn’t have to be daunting.  Or stressful.  Or confidence diminishing.  As a child who was heavier, I never felt good being told “that dress doesn’t come in your size dear”, or “that dress isn’t made for your build”. Understandably, kids all grow at different rates and in different ways.  I hear moms say all the time that their child put on a bit of weight and then grew 2 inches overnight.  

In order to ensure the best fit whether it be for regular sizes or plus sizes, always make sure to measure, measure, measure!  Do not assume that because your girl wears a size 8 in everyday clothing, she will automatically wear a size 8 communion dress.  In some instances, that very well may be the case, but each designer has their own sizing guidelines. 


So How Do I Measure?  

Communion dress measurement

Chest: Measure at the fullest part of the chest.

Waist: Measure at the natural waist, usually around the belly button. 

Length: Measure from the hollow of the neck to the ankle (for full length). 

Half sizes, or plus sizes, primarily take into consideration and give extra room in the width at the chest and waist while generally maintaining the overall sizing of the dress, i.e arm hole, neck, and overall length. 


Tips for Keeping It Stress Free and Fun.  

Tip No. 1: Let your girl focus on the aspects of the dress she likes; does she like lace, or rhinestones or pearls?  Does she want a style that has a super twirl factor?   The only thing she should be considering is how she feels in the dress she is trying on. 


Tip No. 2: Take proper measurements.  And remember, what is a size 8.5 in one designer, may be a 7.5 in another.  The actual size on the tag should only be a jumping off point.  


Tip No. 3: Let Sara’s Help!  It is Sara’s business to make sure you get the best fit and you are happy with your purchase.  Whether it be an in store or online experience, Sara’s can help! 

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