Finding The Perfect Communion Dress

Maria Sharafi

Posted on December 21 2021

Finding The Perfect Communion Dress

Because of the world’s shipping delays, Communion dress season has begun a bit early this year.  Usually, the season doesn’t pick up for a few months, but in this crazy covid world, we all need to adjust.  Sara’s is doing just that. 

Let’s begin talking about finding that perfect communion dress for your little girl.  How can you ever choose?  One is more beautiful than the next. Here’s where Sara’s 40+ years of experience comes in handy.  We have dressed thousands of girls (and boys, but that’s another blog post) for this momentous occasion.  

Just as a woman looking for her wedding dress, each little girl that comes into Sara’s has a different personality.  Her dress should reflect this personality.  Is she a princess type who loves all things ribbons and bows?  Maybe a glam girl who can never have enough bling?  How about the classic type looking for simple lines and understated design?  A traditional girl wanting a lace dress?  Or maybe a “tom boy” who really doesn’t want to wear a dress at all!  

And there is a lot that goes into a communion ensemble besides the dress.  And again, a lot more choices!  There are veils - long or short; gloves - long or short; headpiece - tiara, crown or clips!  And shoes!  Oh my!    

Okay, overwhelming, I know.  Breathe.  Sara’s can help.  A Sara’s girl will never leave the shop with an ensemble that isn’t 100% her style.  One that she can feel comfortable and be herself in.  

So now she and your family can really focus on the meaning of this momentous occasion and what it really means to make a First Holy Communion. 

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