Why Do Generations of Families Return to Sara’s?

Maria Sharafi

Posted on October 05 2021

Why Do Generations of Families Return to Sara’s?

I’ve been working with Sara’s Children’s Boutique for a little more than 3 months.  Their dresses and outfits are Ah-Maz-Ing.  There is every style of dress you could possibly need or want for baptism, communion, flower girl, first birthday, take me home, or special occasion.  And let’s not forget outfits and suits for the boys.   But that’s a post for another day. 

What I really want to talk about here is the generations of families that return to Sara’s again and again.  Now I know Sara’s has been in Rutherford for 40+ years; I grew up here and they are a Park Avenue staple in the community.  Time and time again, I watch as young new moms come in from all over the Tri-State area to greet Rosa and Maria, looking for a baptism or communion outfit for their child.  “My mom bought my baptism dress here and I knew I had to come here for my baby!” “I’m so happy you are still here!” “ Is your mom still here?”  “I’m not sure what style I’m looking for, but I know you’ll help me find it.” I’ve heard this over and over again. 

In an age where online shopping and contactless purchasing is the norm, how could it be that the families that come into the shop are truly happy for the experience?   As consumers, we just don’t really have that personal connection with our stores and sales people anymore.  But Sara’s is different.  They seem to have escaped this modern way of consumerism.  Shopping at Sara’s is an experience, not just a purchase.  Maria and Rosa KNOW these moms.  With just a few questions, they already have a feel for what these moms and grandmas are looking for.  Sometimes even before they themselves know for sure.   Sometimes it reminds me of “Say Yes to the Dress” for baptisms and communions!  (Yes, I have actually heard this!)

Ah, still, let’s have a reality check here.  We know there is no way to fully escape the world of online shopping.  But even Sara’s online experience is different.  It’s still personal.   There is always someone on the other end ready to answer a question about size and fit or color.  For example and on more than one occasion, I’ve seen them sending additional photos of an item from their own phones to help someone in choosing the perfect outfit.  I’ve seen moms from across the country send pictures of their child to Maria because they are unsure of size and fit.  I think these shoppers leave the online experience with the same level of confidence that when that baptism dress, or communion dress, or flower girl dress they just purchased arrives, it will be as perfect as if they had visited the shop.  And the next generation of online shoppers will be back too, I bet. 

We live in a world where you’re not supposed to get this level of personalized service in store or online.  Except at Sara’s Children’s Boutique, you do.  And it makes all the difference.

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